One of the most widely used messaging applications today that enables users to communicate, share media, and make calls is WhatsApp (voice & video calls). Facebook, Inc. owns the freeware, multi-platform messaging, and voice over IP service known as WhatsApp Messenger. WhatsApp is used by over 2 billion individuals in 180 countries to communicate with loved ones, and the service is totally free.

It is now simpler for companies to engage with clients on the platform thanks to WhatsApp for Business.

You may link your WhatsApp business account to your Facebook profile, which is an additional benefit. You may run Facebook advertising with a WhatsApp clickthrough. How then can you link your WhatsApp account to your Facebook company page? Check it out below.

1. Go to your Facebook page

Go to, login, and navigate to your Facebook page.

2. Go to settings

Go to settings, look for the left sidebar, below you’ll see a ‘WhatsApp’ tab, click on it.

3. Connect your WhatsApp account

Choose your country code, Enter your WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business number, then check your WhatsApp messages for a confirmation code. Input code and click ‘Confirm’


Here’s a quick guide on how to link your Facebook page and WhatsApp number.

You may add a WhatsApp button to your Facebook Page and create WhatsApp advertisements once your WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business account is linked to Facebook.

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